Re: SNES Classic: What's left? What's next?

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Some time last year I wrote a post documenting the things I had still not figured out with the SNESClassic, .sfrom format and Preset ID list. Ever since then, a few things have changed. So I figure why not make an update?

First off, in that last post, I concluded that I had "completed" my work. Whats changed with that?

Well, SNES Online. When I wrote that, SNES Online was not out yet, if it was even on my radar at all. It being released caused me to transfer my knowledge and efforts from SNESC over to that. As a result, I have dug more into it than I had with SNESC. Particularly, I now sift through and document de-compiled code. I do that now with the Switch mostly, but also the SNES and WiiU binaries a little as well. Naturally, having access to such information is going to yield more results.

First up.