Dev Log: Star Ocean Canoe Patch

Monday, April 02, 2018

When I started the development of the Star Ocean canoe patch, for some reason I thought to try and keep a reasonable log of my point of view at that time as I thought that some people may find it interesting what goes into developing something like it. I planned to post it in a more broken up multi part post series, posting each part shortly after that part of development took place. But I ended up deciding against that as, I didn't know when the final patch would be released, and I didn't want to generate any extra hype for the patch that would feed any impatience. Doing so felt like it would just be an unfair teaser to people. So I held it off, thinking that I might post them shortly before I released the patch. But even then, I just wanted the patch out and elected to post it after, if at all.

Due to some recent unjust slander against me, causing me to have to defend myself against bogus claims, I'm now feeling more need to post my log. Originally this log would have made up 3 long posts, but I'm going to try and edit it and condense it down into this 1.