Kokiri Forest - Release v2.4

Friday, July 25, 2014

It's back for another round. Now with DK2 support!

While I'm waiting on my own Rift DK2 so I can get to finishing up with Project: Ocarina, I felt I could stand to re-release the original Kokiri Forest demo with some DK2 support from the Oculus 0.4.0 SDK, and a few minor changes.

Here's a summary of whats changed...

My VRChat Rooms

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I've now made a couple of my VRChat rooms public here on my site. VRChat supports catching url links to open rooms inside of it now, so all you have to do is click a link, press "Play" on the setup dialog, and (for now) press "Connect" on the server select screen. After that VRChat will download (if need be) and drop you in the room.

Hopefully sharing rooms like this will help grow VRChat, and get people connecting more often during the week. But for now, its at least nice to explore the environments, whether you have a Rift or not!

There's only 2 rooms now, but I'll add more over time. While I can't promise to make all of them available, to date I've worked on dozens!

In the future I will be sharing avatars by way of these rooms. Rather then copying and pasting urls, typing commands, following instructions and such, there will be rooms you connect to that you simply walk over to a NPC avatar/mannequin and press the Use button on to become that avatar. Just like in the main hub (Pad) room.

An Amazing Holiday Weekend

Monday, July 07, 2014

One could say my holiday weekend started out kind of sad. It was Independence day weekend here in the states of course. A time when people get together with friends/family, watch some fireworks, barbeques, swimming, etc. But that wasn't on the menu for me. So at the last minute I figured I'd make a new VRChat room to have my own fireworks show, and I enjoy it with my online VR friends that are either rained out where they live, or maybe from another country. About 2 hours later it was ready, and I think people really enjoyed it! It has a nice atmosphere. Over the night I refined it more and more, and eventually a ton of people got to see it on Sunday at the weekly meetup, and even a few others got to see it on Bruces stream. There were a couple disappointing things about that, but still over all it was a great time and seemed well received! =)