10 Months a VR Developer, 10 Days a VR User

Saturday, October 04, 2014

We've seen a LOT of first impressions posts for the DK2, so one from me may not be all that interesting at this point. But I do have 1 unique perspective though. I've been a fan of the Rift since the Kickstarter, and a dev since the end of last year. However, I have not used a Rift at all yet. That's crazy right? How could I believe in the Rift enough to dev for it for almost 10 months but have never put on on my head? How can I even do it at all without a Rift for testing on? I'll answer these questions, and more. I'll also try to take you on a journey through what lead me to this day. And finally, yes, give you some first impressions.

Keep in mind, I wrote this intending to just let my thoughts flow freely and edit later. But after delays in finishing this up, I decided to just post it as is rather then wait any longer and maybe never posting it. It's a little long, so you can skip some things if if you want.