Z-Net 3: Feedback Needed

Friday, November 22, 2013

Recently I made a new post on the Z-Net website. The purpose of the post is to get the community involved and started for Z-Net 3.

I absolutely need feedback from people to help decide the direction of the project in many ways, and in particular right now I need to know what emulator people would like the most for Z-Net 3 to support.

So please head on over and share your thoughts! I can't do this without you!

Z-Net Homepage: What Emulator do you want Z-Net 3 to support first?

Z-Net 3: An Update on Updating!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How could an update with cool new features be even better?

Not having to download and install it!

Looking back at all of my Z-Net projects, zbattle, Kaillera and others, I find it kind of strange what common feature so many other programs have that they all lack. The feature I'm talking about is "Automatic Updating".

Think about it. The purpose of these programs has been to make tedious and somewhat complicated tasks simple and mostly automated. So why should installing new releases be any different? Sure, with a good installer, installing a update requires little more then mindlessly pressing a "Next" button over and over, but there's room for improvement.

Without Automatic Updates users need to know a update is available on the website, go there, find the link, download it, run the installer, spam left mouse click a half dozen times, and run the newly installed program.

All that can simply be replaced with "See the program inform you an update is available, then proceed to download, install and run the update itself". That can require no user interaction at all. Or at the most a "Yes/No" prompt asking the user if he wants to install the update.