People are amazing and generous at times. They understand and appreciate all the hard work that can go into free projects like you see on this site, and may want to donate something as a thank you, or just to help.

And I most certainly would welcome such donations.

If you would like to donate via Paypal, you can do so using the following link:

Paypal Donation


You can Gift it with Paypal to darkakuma [ at ] to avoid fees and ensure I receive the exact amount you intend, otherwise Paypal does take a cut.


If you would rather donate another type of gift, you can email me at the address above.

Biggest Needs/Wants

I'm trying to expand my SNES Classic work into other various Nintendo Virtual Consoles. But at the moment I do not have any of those systems. So if you have any you would like to donate, or would like to donate through Paypal towards me getting one, that would be much appreciated.

Unspecified donations will be considered as "my choice", and at the moment my choice is Nintendo Switch.

What systems I need are, in order of priority:

[See the side panel on the left.]

I'll try to keep this page updated with what funding has been dontated towards what.

Beyond that...

I don't update these often, but here's a list of what I'm either saving money for, or would enjoy/appreciate, or just an avenue through which you could donate.