Kokiri Forest - Release v2

Friday, February 07, 2014

NOTICE!!!: This is an old post. The project has been updated to v2.5, and the new post can be found over here. (7/25/14)

It's felt like a long 2 weeks. I've had to battle through a Cold. I've had to move beyond the small foundation of Unity skill I had when I started. But here it is! Version 2!

To summarize the list of fixes, additions and changes, here I go.

  • Fixed the Deku Tree's mustache color.
  • Fixed the transparency on the climbable vines.
  • Fixed a missing collider on a wall in the water.
  • Added the "Forest Training Center" area that you reach by crawling through the tunnel, for the goal of getting the Kokiri sword in the real game.
  • Added the ability to crouch/crawl so you can fit in that tunnel.
  • Animated the Boulder in the Forest Training Center.
  • Added music. It's not perfect, but it's close. It plays the intro and loops as it should!
  • Added sound to the Boulder.
  • Moved the Oculus HUD from the "Space" button to the "Tilda" (~) button. (This never made sense to me.)
  • Moved the Jump button from "F" to "Space", where it belongs!
  • Added scene selection and set it to the Tab button.
  • Added a separate "Night" scene.
  • Added a "Elf Bowling" mini-game. Available from the scene select.
  • Added a "Collect the Boulders" mini-game. Available from the scene select.
  • Added another scene that I won't spoil. Of course, available from the scene select.
  • Added some shadows to the "Fantastic" quality mode. They're not perfect, but good enough.
  • Adjusted the Jump physics and player speed to be closer to the real game. (Keep in mind, in the real game you couldn't jump at the press of a button. Just when running off a ledge. So it was a little weird trying to dial this in.)
  • Improved the Rupees to look/shine a lot more like the real game.

If this list seems a little light, keep in mind some of these things required several sub-tasks I had to tackle. And there were a few things I experimented with, but didn't finish to a point for them to make it into this release. And as I mentioned, I had a Cold this past week, so at times I just couldn't work on this when I would otherwise want to.


Small bug fix version.

v2.2 Changes

Fixed a bug where the ladders and vines were unclimbable in all scenes except for the main one. This particularly made the collect mini-game scene unbeatable.

 I had enough time on my trial to rush out a few fixes. You only need to download this if you have not downloaded the previous v2, or have downloaded it but plan to play this again or show it to other people at some point. I've replaced the old links with v2.1. You can read whats different below.

v2.1 Changes

  • Changed the shader on some vines.
  • Added Crouching to the gamepad controls.
  • Added Scene Select to the gamepad controls.
  • Added a Run button to the gamepad controls. (I guess for D-Pad movement?)
  • Disabled music in the Night scene. (Music doesn't set the right mood. In the real game there was no music but instead sounds of wildlife.)
  • Lowered crawling/crouching speed. (Crawling at walk speed or run speed had to be weird in the Rift.)
  • Fixed a ladder bug that would cause you to fall through the world. (Thanks CymaticBruce =p)
  • Fixed some flickery shadows on the bridges.
  • Fixed the water flickering.

Without further ado!


Kokiri Forest - Rift Demo v2.2 (Windows x86)
Kokiri Forest - Rift Demo v2.2 (Windows x64)
Kokiri Forest - Rift Demo v2.2 (Mac x86)
Kokiri Forest - Rift Demo v2.2 (Linux x86+x64)

As before, there's a ReadMe.txt in the package that covers the general info, so please read it. And this time I added a update log.

* Feel free to host these files elsewhere to share with people. Just please don't directly link to them. And remember to provide links to this blog/post when you share this project! =)

Outside of any emergency fixes, this will probably be my last update on this project as my Unity Pro trial expires soon. It's not completely out of the question that I might work more on this stuff. The main issues are being able to compile games and demos with proper Rift support (requires Unity Pro) and the fact that I want to continue my learning. On the latter, I certainly could use such a project as a canvas for my learning, but I may have a need to remain focused on other things to learn things the best way possible.

If at some point I continue from this, it would likely be to add more areas other than Kokiri Forest, as that's what people seem to want the most. More to explore! Logically, if I did do that it would be under a new project name. I may also want to try my hand at doing this with other games too. I have 2-3 in mind to consider.

I'd really like to progress further with my learning though, and make strides toward designing and creating my own game. I think I'm still a bit away from that goal though.


** These screen shots were taken with a normal monocular camera, but rest assured that this will work in the Rift like it's supposed to.

Followup Article

I wrote the following article a week after I released this project. I think some people may find it interesting, so check it out!

Feel free to comment and make suggestions. I would love to make more articles, but I don't know what people would find interesting.

Kokiri Forest Demo: Behind the Scenes...


Trey McDonald said...

I'm not sure if it works this way, but I'd be more than happy to give my trial period of Unity over to you. This content is incredible and I think goes a long way in telling other producers and developers what we want to see

DarkAkuma said...

Thank you! I should be good on trial keys for now though, which is why I decided to continue this under "Project: Ocarina".

Now I just wish someone would donate a Rift. =p

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