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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Since it's been a few months, I feel I should post something.

I'm happy to say that the sales of my 2 unity assets have picked up since my last post about them. While money isn't rolling in like crazy, I never expected it to be. But I'm currently quite satisfied with the sales the past few months. I don't know what caused sales to pick up. My increased efforts in marketing material, increased capabilities, or just that it takes some time to get noticed. Whatever it is, it's working now! Its mostly the VR3DImagerViewer asset to my surprise. Since it's more popular, I've been more focused on it. The live version is pretty stocked with features and fine tuning. I even have official video and Stereoscopic 360 media support coming up in the next version! There's not much else left on my list for it. Currently I'm just waiting on some hardware so I can update the setup procedures since Unity v5.4 changed things quite a bit. I know Vive support at least got broken to an extent, and now requires a new setup procedure. Rift support, I'm not sure about. I'd think it would too, but all my feedback so far has been from Vive users.

Speaking of hardware. I'm finally going to be getting a CV1 in the next couple weeks. I'm hoping with that I can confirm functionality for Vive when I need to, since SteamVR/OpenVR supports the Rift too even though it's mainly for Vive. I should hopefully be getting a new computer system soon as well! Mine is horribly out of date, and definitely below rec/min specs. I most certainly need a new video card. I've been putting it off as long as I could handle. I need a new motherboard too. Mine doesn't support USB 3.0, and I can't spare a PCI slot to make it support USB 3.0 that way.

I'm not sure how I should say this... How about "Developing Touch supported projects isn't off the table now."? Due to my current 2 assets success, I'm considering making an asset for motion controls. I have 1 rough idea in mind for now, so we'll see how that goes later. If I do make a asset like that, I'll try to make it Vive motion controller compatible as much as I can too!

I guess that does bring up a point. I was waiting to see how my current 2 assets go before evaluating and deciding if I want to make more VR assets. I guess I'm willing to! My current 2 were very mild projects I hoped to just test the waters with and develop something bigger and better later. I'm not 100% sure that's the right way to go though. Developing multiple smaller assets might be the better option.

I haven't thought much about the RPG I want to make in recent months. I should maybe have enough to get started on it now. But lately I've been feeling more like I want to keep going with assets. Give them even more of a try! I'll probably try to work on a RPG as a secondary project though, and maybe transition it to a main project later as needed.

I was only tinkering with PJO a couple months ago, and I haven't done anything more with it since. As usual, I'm not declaring it done, but it's inactive. It's just hard for me to devote time into something like a fan art project, that one day I may be told I can't finish. I need to remain focused on my original projects. But if I ever do release it, it would probably be randomly with no warning!

Since I'm going to keep making Unity Assets for now, if anyone has any ideas they would like to propose I make, I'm listening! Sometimes people have ideas, but not the skill/ability to produce that idea, and in my case I have the ability to produce some things, but I'm just not chalk full of ideas. I'm a coder so I can't think like non-coders do and know what type of asset they wish they had. Yet that's exactly who I have to target and develop assets for! lol


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