Release: SFROM Tool v1.1.1.0

Friday, March 30, 2018

This is a small update consisting of mainly just minor improvements and fixes.

You can download the new version over on the SFROM Tool page.

Update Notes:

  • Advanced window will refresh if you select a new file while its open.
  • Added a menu option to force the database.xml to reimport/recompile.
  • Fixed the database.xml to now check and reimport as needed when the program is run via command line.
  • Fixed detection/compatibility for "Space Football - One on One".
  • Fixed a issue with the patch select popup always defaulting to the first option, no mater which you chose. 
  • Added console output messages for the various steps of the patching process, so CE users can better know when and what has happened. 


Unknown said...

Hi! Through a combination of English not being my native language and not being very savvy where it comes to things like this, I have a couple of questions about how and wy using the .sfrom tool. I know you explain a lot of it in the FAQ, but some things elude me you mind if I ask you some questions? Anyway, keep up the good work! Greetings from The Netherlands!

DarkAkuma said...


You can ask questions, sure. But as you might be able to tell from the date of this response, I' probably won't respond to quickly.

As for how and why to use this tool.


Canoe does not support normal SNES ROMs (.smc, .sfc, etc). Unlike most Emulators, canoe was not designed to emulate the entire SNES ROM library. It was only designed to emulate a couple hundred specific games. It just so happens that the coding to emulate those games will often also emulate other games too. But to do that the emulator needs to know to enable/disable certain code, so it uses a different file format so it can append that data to the ROM.

Further, not all issues are solved with that appended data. Often enough, special patches are needed to fix issues canoe will have with running the game.

Finally, while other programs like hackhi2 can make sfroms and apply patches, they do so poorly based on limited flawed research of the .sfrom file format. My tool creates them as perfectly accurate as possible.


I'm not sure I can explain that any better than I have.

Pick a game ROM.
If there's a .cnp patch for it, place that patch in the "patches directory.
Open the ROM with SFROM Tool.
Save as .sfrom.
From there, you use it as you need. Generally with hackhi2. With that you click "Add More Game", select the sfrom, set the "game options" data as you feel, and upload/sync it you your SNESClassic.

The only ting to add is, sometimes you may need to manually input certain settings before saving the sfrom. Knowing to do that would be based off into you find on the net, specific to that game.

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