SNES Classic: Big Update!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Out of nowhere here comes a big update for my SNES Classic efforts!

I never thought I'd get here, but the Preset ID list... is basically complete! I've updated the list with 69 new verified Preset ID's. This will largely not effect most people, as my previous efforts to make educated guesses have proven to have around a 99% accuracy rate. But its nice to now know they are no longer guesses at all.

In addition to Preset IDs, this update will see a handful of new VC patches. PCM patches as well. There are also some header data amendments. The full change log will be posted below.

Naturally, SFROM Tool will see an update too.

With this update, its hard to see this being anything other then a "Final" candidate. There is very little that can be done from here with Preset IDs, VC patches and header data. All my effort has been on cataloging and predicting the official stuff relating to that. If all the official stuff is now verified, there's nothing left to catalog or predict.

The only things remaining are a select few things. E-PAL, and to some extent D-PAL/F-PAL games on the list have Preset IDs legitimately meant for that version of the game, but went unused. So they can never be truly verified. Korean versions, I don't know if they will ever be dumped and proven not to be the same as above. 2 games, Super Mario All-Stars and Stunt Race FX I strongly feel have ID's, and for one of them I have patches for. But while they can not be verified at this point, they possibly can be in the future with rumored Switch releases. Then there's the list of rumored games ripped from a 3DS ROM. Those likely have Preset IDs, but cant be verified because they were never released. Again, maybe in the future on Switch.

69 new verified Preset IDs (181 total now)
1 wrong guessed Preset ID among those 69
2 additional guessed Preset IDs moved as a result
2 fixed Preset ID set wrongly by typo
6 real PAL releases verified among the 69 (E-PAL, D-PAL, F-PAL.)
13 new VC patches
I didn't bother counting the total header info amendments, just a couple specifics
3 games with a new MaxInput value of 4 (up from the normal 2)
15 adjustments to h2_unknown3  among games (from 1 to 0)
8 or so header Product IDs moved from being 3DS based to WiiU based
2 fixed typoed Product IDs
1 new game added that I concluded didn't even exist
1 missed game I verified late last year but forgot to record.

You can get the patches in the "all-in-one" package. I silently posted the package before, but its now been updated. For now the individual patches are out of date/missing some. I may be removing those.

Preset ID List


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