Release: CaVE Database Manager v1.0

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Today I've released a new tool. In my efforts to translate my SNES Classic work over to supporting the Switch's SNES Online, I saw a empty space that could use filling in that of a tool to help users properly manage their custom databases. Not only for SNES, but nothing really existed like it for NES Online either despite that being out for awhile.

I wanted people to be able to mod their SNES Online installation as easily as possible. I wanted it to be as newbie friendly, and approachable by as many people as possible. Editing text files where one minor typo could render things completely unusable, was not that in the slightest!

I guess coming from the SNES Classic scene, I was used to a program like hakchi2. So it was easy to see what type of program was needed. So I started work on it. While in purpose, being like hakchi2 was fine, I quickly saw that even while not trying to make it as such, my programs layout was ending up far to close to hakch2's. It's a very basic, no thought interface. Well, as some would know, I don't care for that program, so I found it disgusting and soon resolved to design a layout that was distinctly different!

In the end I settled on a layout for a program idea I've had for a couple years, but have never gotten around to working on. But looking at things, CaVE will likely end up as that program in the future.

For now, CaVE supports SNES Online, NES Online, Super Famicom Online, and Famicom Online. In the future I'll probably be merging my SFROM Tool code into it so it can generate .sfroms natively. Eventually... I'll probably be expanding it to support managing SNES Classic, 3DS and WiiU installations as well. But for now, existing tools for those suffice, and Switch will remain my focus for it.

With this, I guess I'll officially announce my "SNES Online - Full Unlock" hack too. I made that a month or so ago and posted it on GBAtemp, but did not have any sort of official release or homepage for it. That will be posted on the CaVE page as well.

Further, I'm starting a new compatibility list. I never wanted to maintain one. I just wanted to focus on Preset ID research. But the Switch's SNES Online compatibility is a little different than SNESC's, and thus I see a need for its own listings. But at the same time, I concluded I might as well do a catch all and start managing compatibility for other systems as well, considering I also just made a update to the SFROM Tool unofficial build to support 3DS data.bins.

The compatibility list is a little rough, and underpopulated atm. But I hope to smooth it out over time. And it has limited open community editability. At least for now. I posted a copy of the Preset ID list in a tab on it too.

Oh. Before I forget. FYI... I don't own a Switch. It's been a bit rough developing something for it when not owning one. So if you would like to donate toward helping me get one, you can find info for it on the Donate Page. I don't own a WiiU or 3DS either, so help with those will be appreciated when I eventually focus more on their support.


Both CaVE and the Full Unlock have been updated to definitivly support the Super Famicom Online and Family Computer Online. I "thought" they were supported with the initial release, but I was dead wrong. I would have realized as much if I put just a moments worth of thought into it. lol.

With their full support, comes along improved handling of the different languages of Switch Online apps, and support for adding/editing custom descriptions for games.


Johnathan said...

This is awesome! Does it download cover art automatically, or is that something that needs to be done manually?

DarkAkuma said...

No. Manually. And atm art needs to be converted to xtx.z format using the Switch Toolbox program. Though I will get native support for standard image formats as soon as I can. Just had to prioritize for now.

iNeedScissors!61! said...

Is this safe to use on an unhacked switch?

DarkAkuma said...

No. It requires a CFW (Custom Firmware), which means the Switch would need to be modified.

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