EQC Launchpad

Project Status:

  • 95% Complete to goals.
  • Unreleased.
  • Dead. No longer will be worked on or released.


EQC Launchpad is not a patcher! At least in the sense you may know of from playing EQLive. EQC Launchpad mimics the look of the classic patcher for nostalgic accuracy only. Most importantly, EQC Launchpad explicitly does not, and will not ever contain or download any copyrighted files such as the EverQuest client files normally found on official disc's, or from downloading through the EQlive patcher. Any files downloaded through EQC Launchpad have full public distribution rights, and additionally any of said obtained files that share names in common with files produced by Sony Online Entertainment, subsidiary companies, affiliated companies, or any other such copyright holders, have been written from scratch using none of the code from said copyrighted files, and share names with said copyrighted files only, for compatibility purposes.

EverQuest is a registered trademark of Sony Online Entertainment LLC. Copyright © 1999-2009 Sony Online Entertainment LLC. Projects on this site are in no way affiliated with Sony Online Entertainment LLC.

Current Features:

  • Downloads and installs all the non-game client files necessary to connect with and use EQClassic. 
  • Delivers the most up-to-date EQClassic news directly to the users. Both through the Launchpad itself, and inside the client between the Login and Server Select screens (also through the "NEWS" button on the Server Select screen).  
  • Thorough and fast scan of your files, to insure their integrity/existence.
  • Copies missing and corrupt files, directly from your EQ discs simular to downloading a EQLive patch. No need for a complete reinstall. 
  • Editor for the eqclient.ini/DataRate.txt, so you can easily change any of the settings contained within. Including a versatile text color selector, ability to choose video modes not available in the client, and more.
  • Indicators for the status of the World and Login servers.  
  • IRC Client. Connects to the official EQClassic channel (currently unset)
  • Archive generator for .pak/.s3d files. (for use with the client to display different login/loading screens. And possibly other things later.)

Possible in the Future:
  • Editor for the eqoptions1.opt & eqoptions2.opt files. 
  • Default and Presets options for settings editor(s).
  • Support for multiple login servers through a selection option. (if needed)