Profile Manager (Working Title)

Project Status:

  • 100% Complete to original goals
  • Released.
  • Not actively being worked on, but not discontinued.


Profile Manager (Working Title) is a program that runs out of your system tray, and once right clicked it will show you menus as you might expect. But from these menus you can select "profiles" that you have previously setup to preform certain tasks, mostly backing up/restoring certain files like settings and saves, then running a target program. These profiles are essentially like "short-cut" links, with extra features. Great for people who have cluttered desktops, people who like to log in to online games from multiple accounts on the same computer, or people who want to switch between using game mods/hacks with a single install. The potential for this is beyond its original intentions, and users can likely use it in ways not thought of yet!


  • No limit to the number of profiles that you can setup.
  • Backup/restore any number of files.
  • Lock profiles so that backups are still used, but never saved over. Great for running multiple instances of one program.
  • Optionally group profiles together in sub menus, or one main menu.
  • Quick access to the last used profile. Great for frequent use.
  • See the icons from the target program next to the profiles name in the menus.
  • Choose where your backups are stored.
  • Delete/move specific files/directories before running a program.
  • Optionally have the System Tray icon change to the icon of the last run program.
  • Support for command line parameters.
  • Stylish color scheme.


Profile Manager v0.9.0.0 Beta


Feedback and Suggestions:

Post any feedback and suggestions below.


DarkAkuma said...

In the spirit of getting comments started on this, I'll post something.

I think having the icons for the profiles target program shown on the menus would be nice. More eye catching when searching through larger menus.

And of course I have already added that feature for the next version.

DarkAkuma said...

And for another example to help get things started.

The "Last Run" option has issues with multi-boxing. Using a 2 window example, open window 1, open window 2 (window 2 is now set as "Last Run"), close window 2 (window 2's settings are saved), close window 1 (window 1's settings will be saved over window 2's). Window 2 will be set as "last Run" while the files expected will be from window 1, usually.

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