Z-Band is a project inspired by the short lived X-Band modem for the SNES. Z-Bands purpose is to track the scores of users while they're playing a online multi-player game with the Super Nintendo emulator ZSNES. When a player attains a new score, Z-Band automatically detects that score change and notifies the server. The server then processes this data for use with game tournaments and display on public leader boards.


Z-Band is a project that has never been officially released, though it has been worked on, off and on for years.

It started in 2004 after I created and released Z-Net 1.0. At the time I hoped to finish it and release it as a mIRC DLL to be used with the Z-Net project, in conjunction with a IRC bot to act as the central score keeping server. The project however, never got past the "Proof-of-Concept" stage due to development difficulties stemming from my lack of C++ coding skill. The IRC bot for it was never even started.

In 2008 after the release of Z-Net 2.0, with new found C++ skills, I once again attempted to advance the Z-Band project in hopes of releasing it for use with the modern Z-Net once again. I was able to get past the development difficulties I had years prior, and achieved my goals with the DLL. Once working as I envisioned, I begun adding support for more games in addition to Super Mario Kart, consisting of Street Fighter II and Gundam Wing - Endless Duel. Outside of work on adding a 4th game, Tetris Attack, development of the project slowed down due to it still needing a IRC Bot developed to act as a server. I did not have the time or desire to develop one myself, and could not find anyone else to make it. So the project remained at a standstill until it was canceled altogether after I decided to give up on the Z-Net 2.0 project, and all future similar projects.

Officially, this is were the project ends, as in its previous states I fully intended to reach a point to were I would release it. Un-officially in late 2011, I have resumed lite work on it, purely for my personal amusement.

It's current iteration abandons the mIRC DLL and IRC bot setup, in favor of a integrated client side code and PHP web server setup. The integrated client side code is currently merged inside a developmental offshoot branch of the Z-Net I project.

There are currently no plans to release this project, outside of theoretically following in the release and success of the Z-Net I project, public interest being shown in the Z-Band project, and perhaps then, team involvement in its production.

Project Log:

01/01/04 - 06/01/08:
  • Started work on project.
  • Had limited success with the project as a DLL due to lack of c++ skill.
  • To prove the concept could work, I tried creating a version of it as a .EXE with success.
  • The .EXE version was labeled Z-Band SMK, and rather then communicating with a server, it just posted its live score results to a IRC channel.
  • Stopped work on the project after the Z-Net 1.0 project stopped.
  • Resumed work on project after Z-Net 2.0 was created.
  • Due to increased skill with c++, I fixed the issues with the project as a dll.
  • Completed the client side of the project to my goals.
  • Added support for SFII and GWED in addition to SMK.
  • Worked on support for Tetris Attack by request.
  • Halted work on project due to the need for a server, lack of desire to work on one myself, and inability to find someone else to do it. As well as work on the Z-Net 2.0 project being stopped.
  • Started working on the server code. This time with PHP instead of mIRC scripting or c++. 
  • Created a Leaerboard page, as well as a registration and a score submission page.
  • Ported the Z-Band client side code from the mIRC dll into a version of the 2010 Z-Net stand alone client. It's preforming its basic functions as intended, but not well implemented.
  • Better implemented the client code by adding support for the registration processes. Client to server communication is working fully at this point, and the ease of use for users is fairly close to optimal.
  • Tweaked server code to better communicate with the client code. 
  • Created a User Log page, for public display of score results along with the exact time in which they occurred. 
  • Merged the UserLog and LeaderBoard pages with phpBB3 forums.
  • Got the basics done of merging the score update and registration server code with phpBB3 forums.
  • Got the phpBB3 login details working with the registration code.
  • Finished up work on getting the phpBB3 login details working with registration, and score updating.
  • Got users being added to the Z-Band database when they successfully submit their first score.
  • Properly redesigned the game database code for more dynamic use. Game details like names, crcs, and links aren't hard coded now.
  • Dusted off the code created last year, and intigrated it into modern builds of ZNI in a way that allows me to always keep it up to date and easy to work on.
  • Improved how selecting to play a registered match works by replacing the buttons on both sides with checkboxes, and having the program communicate the selection from the client to the host prior to launching ZSNES.
  • Rewrote the Z-Band client core code to be more generalized with its compatibility.
  • Readded support for Street Fighter II, Gundam Wing - Endless Duel, and Tetris Attack.
  • Added support for 4 completely new games to test the code revamp. (Games may be revealed later)
  • Added additional basic support for using a IRC bot server.
  • Scripted a VERY basic IRC bot server.
  • Completed code change to allow for conditionals and  player specific setting/handicap freezing.
  • Completed work on allowing for different game modes in games of different styles than SMK, as well as a less fixed number of supported game modes.
  • Allowed for game settings that effect the game mode, to be either frozen or adjusted to dynamically. 
  • These changes get Tetris Attack working as fully as the others now.
  • Reorganized the code to be even easier to manage/update now.
  • Updated Z-Band to limit changing of a players player number (like host not being player 1) in ZSNES. May have Z-Band adjust rather then limit at a later point.
  • Allowed for easily switching between score posting modes. Web server, IRC Bot, and basic Channel announce.


Z-Band Registration
Z-Band Score Update
Z-Band LeaderBoard
Z-Band UserLog