Z-Net 2.0

Project Status:

  • 99% Complete to goals.
  • Released, but no longer maintained or promoted.
  • Dead. No longer will be worked on or released.


Z-Net is a mIRC script for bringing together and helping people who want to play emulators supporting online multi-player with others who want the same.

Default supported programs include:

  • Zsnesw 1.36
  • Zsnesw 1.42
  • Mupen64k
  • MAME32k
  • VirtualNES
  • Gens 2.14

Support for more emulators, and possibly even non-emulators is available through an add-on script system designed for anyone to be able to create one themselves for their program of choice. The add-on script system uses 2 forms of launching programs. Command line parameter, and simulated key-press macro sequences, mixed with direct information entry.

Z-Net is no longer actively updated or supported, but should function fully.


  • Support for the 6 default emulators, and more.
  • Gamelist showing up to 10 games per person that their interested in playing.
  • Games a host wants to play are shown to be matching your games locally right in the Gamelist. Red means a match was found, grey means it wasn't.
  • Games can be stored in .zip files.
  • Host can select different modes like UDP/TCP, depending on the programs support for them.
  • Being mIRC based, users can customize the layout/colors of Z-Net to some extent.
  • Ability to launch programs with more limited options, like choosing to select a game inside the program itself. This is generally accessed through right clicking a windows blank area or someones name. The name of these options and what they do depends on the add-on, but with Zsnesw its called "Launch Manually".


This is not a current project. This download is available purely for informational purposes. For SNES gaming this has been made mostly obsolete by Z-Net I. However it can/should still be used for everything else.

Z-Net 2.0 - Beta 5 fix 3