Monday, August 15, 2011

Over the years I've developed various things that I've released on the internet. I decided to make this blog as a portal for those things, as every other free web server I've ever used ended up being unreliable.

At the moment I don't have anything I'm actively working on, but that could change at anytime. The closest project I have to being active is EQC Launchpad, but that's mostly finished, and any further development of that project is on hold until the EQC project itself has advanced more.

I'll post links and details about my past projects over time, but for now I'll sum up what I've done.

I started with mIRC scripting creating a promising, yet failing to grab much interest, netplay portal for use with the Super Nintendo emulator ZSNES. As well as probably a handful of other, much smaller/less useful scripts. During/after that project I made a few ROM hacks for Super Mario Kart, to help draw some users.

Several years later I decided to give it another shot learning much from my previous attempt. I finished up the script of a complete rewrite, creating a much more stable and versatile script. Sadly it seemed that such a script/program just had it's limits in terms of appeal, and that combined with a couple other similar "rival" projects being developed, I felt I should stop it's development before I got anymore involved.

Some time after that, I was following the EQClassic project, and due to my excitement I decided to work on a complete replacement for the patcher for that game. That project is currently privately released only.

There have been other, generally unreleased projects I've had over the course of those years, and I'll list those here in time as well, though probably only with details and screenshots.

For now check out these website's if your interested in any of these topics.

EQ Emulator


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