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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wow. It's been almost 4 months since I last posted!

Well. It's understandable to anyone I guess. I lost interest in the blog due in part to my playing WoW again, and in part because my latest project failing to take off at even a low popularity. Honestly, I'd be surprised if even 5 people have downloaded it.

I'm still always brainstorming new ideas for some project to take on. But nothings ever really getting out of my head, let alone on then off the drawing board. Right now, I'd really like to do something more artistically creative. Mostly some form of story of some sort, through a as of yet undecided medium. That's currently what I'm brainstorming the most I guess. Trying to figure out a rough plot setting and characters I like, to the point were I actually have something worth pursuing.

In the meantime, WoW has been my sole hobby. To list all of what I've done on wow since my last posts would be extremely long, so I'll trying to sum up the gist of it.

Completely retired from that emu server, finished my Rogues transmog set, had some drama with my guild while trying to progress my legendary, found a PERFECT fit raid for me outside of my guild with whom I  could regularly progress the legendary with, joined that raids guild on my Rogue, attained stage 2 daggers (last week), somewhere in all that I level up my Mage from 80-85 and attained a 384 PvE geared equipped ilvl, leveled up my druid from 20's-85 as a tank, attained a 384 PvE equipped ilvl with him as well, shockingly PvPed quite a bit on my Rogue and Mage in that time before not-so-shockingly getting bored of it, both having about half s11 honor and s11 conquest gear, done 8/8 DS10 on norm, and 1/8 DS10 on heroic (hopefully 2/8 next week), attained a 398 equipped ilvl on my Rogue (highest ilvl in my raid), and mostly lately have just been playing my druid as i only got him to 85 last week.

At this point, I'm seeming less interested in WoW again. I'm not burnt out yet, I'm just finding little that's interesting to do outside of my regular raid days. I'm still interested in my druid since hes so new and different, but like my Mage, I've hit a wall with him to were I can only do more with him in DS. LFR is terrible, and while its all I do on those 2 characters for raiding, I'm not that interested and pug raiding them in normals. Normal mode pugs are ridiculously fail. LFR is probably to blame since people get to use to not trying, they just don't think they have to. Thinking instead that since they got a few pieces from LFR, their gear will carry them in normal mode. I may get 1 of them into an alt run, but I'm not going to pursue that to hard. Doing so on my Rogue was exhausting enough.

My Rogue is currently on course to get his Legendarys on May 9th, so its nice to see that on the horizon. I just hope MoP doesn't come out till at the least 1 month after that. Preferably 2-3. I want to put those daggers to use before their made obsolete by 5 new levels with overly inflated gear stats.

As for this blog. It's still doing what I originally intended for it to do. Preserving my past projects. It doesn't get many hits a day, but it is at least consistent with about 2-6. I don't know how often I'll post to it, or even create new or resume work on past projects with it. I'm devoting less time to WoW lately, so I could very well resume interest in a project or spark interest in a new one. Who knows...


Anonymous said...

Sferics here from the Z-Net days...

Just wanted to let you know I found your site and check in from time to time. Although I don't play video games too often anymore (seeing as I'm pretty busy with college), I like to keep up what's going on with the emulation community.

This bit of news may strike you as interesting as well... Seems Zbattle has gone down once more, just in the past month:


DarkAkuma said...

Hey man! Long time!

Weird. Has there been any word from Veeborg as to whats going on, or if/when it's all going back up?

Well. If it stays down very long, and enough traffic and demand makes its way here to my blog, I may consider polishing up my 2010 standalone client for a release.

I've stated in the details on the 2010 client page that I might do just that if that were to happen again, but it's not something I'm eager to jump right into. For one, I'm not sure if I'm mentally ready to put the work into properly polishing the client for a release, or any considerations I may have to ponder before doing so. And I would hate to see a repeat of what happened with Z-Net 1.0 and the timing of zbattle coming back right around when I release it. And well, I've just been burned to many times with my hopes up by my past projects in general.

I don't know. Maybe I could put up a poll/petition sort of thing for the traffic that comes to this blog, and if that poll/petition gets enough attention within a certain amount of time, I'll greenlight the project.

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