News: Z-Net I Open Beta & New Website

Friday, May 18, 2012

Z-Net I has been out for almost 2 weeks now as a forum member only beta. There doesn't seem to be many bugs left so I feel it's time now to try and get this project really going without restrictions. I'm now releasing Z-Net I as a open beta, meaning you can download it here or anywhere. It's no longer restricted to just members of the Z-Net forum. Also I'll completely support all normal sharing of this projects existence in regards to news submissions to websites that would genuinely be interested in the project. Before I just supported it being posted about to a few community forums in an attempt to draw interest from former zbattle users, and to have just a large enough pool of users to get this thing more properly tested. But now I'm hoping completely new users find the program as well.

This stage of the beta is little more then a real release, just with a "Beta" label so people know to expect bugs. But I feel this build "should" be stable and able to last awhile on its own before another update is needed.

Additionally, today I'm opening up the new dedicated Z-Net site. The project will still have a page here, but this new site will be the projects main home. The site is mostly done except for the about, faq and rules pages, of which I will get to when I can. For now this rules post should do, the introduction on the main page should be enough, and the faq will just be added to as needed.

Lets try to get this thing packed with players now!

Z-Net Homepage


xZabuzax said...

Sweet, was playing a bit of UMK3 and Mario Kart today and found no bugs in this program, the user interface is just like zbattle: simple yet efficient, this is the perfect zbattle replacement.

I did noticed something however, not sure if its the program fault: zsnes 1.36 was already configured but somehow i needed to configure it again if i opened it from Z-Net, no biggie, once i configure it from Z-Net the settings got saved and i dont have to configure it again. So is all good.

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