News: Z-Net I's Future

Thursday, May 24, 2012

After a few more days to think about it I've come to a decision. ZNI's user base is failing to live up to both what I hoped it could at this point and what the poll results made it seem it would be. I'm really believing now that the poll was defiantly cheated, and I have wasted my time on another project only a handful of people care about. What the past week and a half has shown me is, even that handful of people don't really care. Forum activity is pathetic. I caved in and added 3 more mods, suddenly none of which seem to be very active anymore. One already stated he won't be able to do much and has been removed. I can't take a single day off without people running wild without moderation. I've had to invest FAR more time into this project then I ever wanted to when I started it, and I'm continuing to have to invest FAR more time into it to maintain it then I ever wanted. I don't see the immediate future getting any better for me. There's just a serious imbalance with the project in that any good coming out of the project is far outweighed by the bad for me.

I'll officially declare now that Z-Net I will not see any new additions as its failing to live up anywhere close to that minimum user base I wanted for it to receive any. Honestly, while I know of 1-2 bugs, I won't be even working on them at all now. I don't even think I'll be moderating anymore, as if the users don't care then why should I?

I'll check in on the project for time to time. Things may change, and I just need to give it time. Time is all I can give anymore. Hopefully soon I'll also be able to play some on it, and finally get fun in some form out of it.

In the meantime without the project, hopefully I'll put some more time into D3 as I've fallen far behind everyone I know. A friends store has reopened, so maybe I'll pickup Magic the Gathering again 1-2 days a week there. Maybe I'll fiddle with some project I don't plan to release again. Like Z-Band. Maybe I'll finally get around to leveling my DK on WoW to 85. Maybe I'll try out my plan for some new websites/blogs. I have options, and none of which I've been seriously able to try while having to be so involved with ZNI.

For now, I encourage users who want to see the project do well, to try. If this thing hits 30 users at some point, then I'll resume work on it. Even that number is a bit low, but is a minimum to start with. By try, I mean tell others about the project. Forums, friends, websites, whatever. Participate in the forum community. Log in and play as often as you can. If you do the last two things, put your name in the hat to be added as a Jr Mod. This project shouldn't be maintained by a 1 man army, it should be maintained by a community. That's you.


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