Project: Ocarina - Hyrule Field

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Earlier this month I asked for some feedback on what area to add next. What I got was all over the place with people just suggesting everything, more or less. But thankfully one area did stand out above the rest enough with popular demand, and of course that place is Hyrule Field!

This is one of the, if not thee biggest area in the game in terms of scale. And to go along with that there are a lot of objects and textures. Based on my experience with Kokiri Forest, I knew I could easily miss some details. So I came up with a system for myself to help make sure I included every last mesh. Compared to the other 2 areas, this one has taken a lot of tedious work. And there's still more left to do! Right now I'd say I'm about 1/3 done with the model/texture conversion. Though in that 1/3 I have a couple of the harder 20+ sub sections of the entire map, done. So it's not as easy to gauge my progress so far.

With both previous areas I went a little above and beyond to add more extra elements then I had to. I hope to do the same with this, but atm I'm not sure what. I have a couple ideas. Some of them kind of bland but easy, others interesting but a lot more involved.

* I decided to take this screenshots with a normal camera again, for better viewing online.

Over all for the next release I still have some work to do with the avatar body and animations. I made progress, but grew tired of working on it and put it aside for now. I don't know if the avatar will be as sophisticated as I originally intended, but hopefully I will still be able to get it done, even if basic. My lack of having a Rift really hurts my capability with this.

I probably won't work on any other areas before the next release, as not to prolong the next release to much. But I might make a intro/menu scene, which you could sort of count as another area. I haven't thought it through well enough yet, and will do so after Hyrule Field to figure out if it's needed or I want it at all.

As always, you can chat about the project here on the website or over here on the Oculus forums. News will be posted to my twitter first, my website the next day, and the Oculus forum post the day after that. So be sure to follow my twitter and/or subscribe to my website if you want to know about things as early as possible!


Unknown said...

I am so looking forward to playing around in the Hyrule Field!
And hopefully, maybe later on Lonlon Ranch!

Had many misadventures in there I did.

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