W.A.R.P. VRJam Release

Thursday, May 07, 2015

I tend to like to release stuff on my birthday (and Christmas), and it seems I have something to do that with this year!

It's a few days early before then end of the VRJam, but I'm releasing the apk now. In part because I can't find anyone to test it, and part because I can't get anything substantial done with it now before the end of the jam. I wanted to, but things just didn't work out like that.

If there's bugs, I hope to hear of them, and will certainly try to fix them by Monday.

I created a page for the project, and you can download it at the bottom.

Of course, there's the community vote for the jam. I don't expect my odds to be good to win the main prizes, but would love it if you voted for my project for that prize!

W.A.R.P. Demo

(I'll post a DK2 version next week most likely.)

Happy birthday to me! =)


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