W.A.R.P. VRJam - The End of the Road

Monday, May 18, 2015

Well... I lost.

Sure there's the community choice prize, but I have an even lower chance at winning that. So I'm considering this Jam over for me.

So what's next for W.A.R.P.? Or me?

Well, I don't have any prize money to fund the game. I scrapped by with my self created assets for the demo, but didn't plan to do that for a full game. Also, I just couldn't get very much feedback or buzz about my game. So either it's not interesting, or I failed at catching peoples interest in it. I don't want to make a game no one will care about. Win or lose that was my real goal, to at least come out of this with some people wanting to see the game get made in full.

That all said, I'm not declaring it done yet. Just the the GearVR version. Honestly, I don't believe in mobile VR at all for a variety of reasons. And if it does succeed, I just don't want to develop for it. So if W.A.R.P. continues it will be on PC only. And it probably wont have that name. I came up with W.A.R.P. at the last minute, its meaning being "Windowed Alternate Reality Puzzle". And well, as the game progressed alternate realities became alternate worlds and it made less sense.

I'll likely take some time away from it to work on other projects, and come back to it in a month or 2. If I decide to continue I will scrap all the models/textures, puzzles, and design. Just taking the window code and starting otherwise from scratch. From there I'll probably try out all my alternative mechanics ideas, make some Youtube videos, and hope to get some buzz from that. From there maybe Kickstarter. Who knows.

I vow to be in the next VRJam, if there is one! Of course I don't know what game I'll do for it yet, but I have tones of ideas, so hopefully I'll get something ironed out by then. Hey! Never know, maybe the spiritual successor to W.A.R.P.? =)


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