Kokiri Forest - GearVR

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I didn't plan to release anything for GearVR anymore after W.A.R.P., or to do anything more with Kokiri Forest at all. But its funny how things work out sometimes. Mark Schramm has been working hard on a project to help break GearVR users free of Samsungs walled garden on the platform, and also help make testing easier for developers/testers. A project called SideloadVR.

He built a really nice project, but seemed like he needed a little help with some initial content and support. So I decided I would try porting Kokiri Forest to the GearVR as it seemed like a good fit to prove some of SideloadVR usefulness.

This new GearVR port is basically the same. All 5 scenes that were seen in the DK1/DK2 builds. Nothing new. Only minor changes that came along this being built with Unity 5.1 and the OVR SDK v0.5. The last DK2 version was built with Unity 4.5 and OVR SDK v0.4.

For the record, those minor changes would be:

  • Different shaders for some things.
  • New, but similar scene menu.
  • Baked lighting for the Night scene.
  • Tweaks to the "something familiar" scene.
  • Bug fix for the collect game.
  • Bug fix for ladders, mostly seen causing you to fly in the "something familiar" scene.
The apk is about 60MB and is available through SideloadVR. If/when I can get a more direct link, I'll post it here and on the Kokiri Forest page.

Enjoy! =)


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