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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Something I've been wanting to do for a while, but never seemed to get around to is making another website. This one has served me fine, but the fact is that some of the projects I've posted here over the years just don't belong along side others. Z-Net, Kokiri Forest, etc. Due to their nature they don't reflect a professional side of myself, and as I try to move forward with publishing assets for sale on the Unity Asset Store, one day make and sell a VR game, and even offer myself up for freelance services, the two sides don't belong together.

So I've been wanting to make a "professional" website for a while, and I finally did just that!

DarkAkuma Development

This website will remain, and I will most likely still post on it. I'd probably be far more active on this one really. The new one is just something I can link to when others would provide something like a link to a company or dev studio website.

Some day I too will declare a dev studio. The new website would probably be converted into that. But that day isn't today, and I need something in the meantime.

My hopes are that having this new "professional side" website will be a platform that also causes me to conduct myself more professionally and seriously. In the past couple years I've stepped back a few times and looked at myself and thought the way I conducted myself didn't reflect the direction I wanted to go. That said, I still plan to act as casually as I want here.

I'm not sure where my Twitter account will fall. Probably a mix of the 2 sides. I don't post on reddit much anymore due to those reasons of not liking how I conducted myself. But I'm not sure how I would want to use that if I do get more active.

While I'm posting  now, when setting up the new domain name for that website I made some changes. The root address no longer forwards to the Z-Net website. That is now purely This is a transition I set in place a while ago, and it's now finished. I don't want people wondering whats at this root address and finding the different sides. All things should remain separate, for the most part.

I set up a new domain that's a slight variation of this one, Notice the "S". I haven't decided yet, but in addition to catching mistyped URLs (the banner here does say DarkAkuma's" after all), I figure later I may want to transition this website to using that URL. And the new website to using this one. I just know I don't like the "dev" part of the new websites URL, but couldn't think of anything better. The only reason I'm still deciding and just put some things in place is, I don't know how long I'll use this new website as is before transitioning it into a dev studio with a new unique, top level domain URL.

I have the W.A.R.P. demo on the new site, but still here for now too. I'll decide what to do with it here later.

I might salvage some of the VRChat stuff for portfolio content for the new site. Not sure.

There wont be Ads on the new site. And I don't think I want to put the PayPal donation stuff there anywhere. At the least, not right now. There may be a day when I decide doing so makes sense.

So what do you think? Does the new site look good? =)


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