Release: SFROM Tool v1.1.2.0

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Contrary to recent conclusions, I have NOT abandoned SFROM Tool. The fact is that it is simply doing its job well enough as is. There's little left to do with it, so there's little point working on it. I've been contacted several times on the basis of people making this assumption in a misguided effort to get me to make it open source. Not because anyone would want to maintain or update SFROM Tool, but instead just to take what they want from my code and put it in other projects...

I'll set the record strait right now. If I truly felt that there was more to be done with the tool, but didn't feel I wanted to do it myself. Than yea. I might consider releasing it as open source. But that's it. In general I don't care for and have zero interest in open source projects. I enjoy the freedom of not having to maintain presentable code, I enjoy having a project to work on myself, and the idea of having the source open for other people to work on reduces what work I can do. I got a bad taste early on for people effectively stealing my projects, renaming their edit and trying to remove credit from me.

On this project in particular I've felt that last one is an issue, as I've given a LOT to the SNESClassic modding community, more so than probably anyone else. Yet people have tried to erase me from history and downplay my work.

Anyway, if there's something more to do with SFROM Tool, I'll do it. It isn't abandoned. Hence this update.

I was made aware only now that my .srm <--> .sram conversion feature didn't work with all games. So I updated it. It should now be able to make Mario RPG, Yoshis Island, Starfox 2 and Kirby Superstar .srams.You just have to choose the PresetID of the sfrom that you plan to use the .sram with. (Thanks goes to u/tunapizza for discovering how to get these working.)

I corrected a minor mistake with the compression code used for the patches.

I updated the SuperFX byte in the Advanced panel to the Special Chip byte, based on Bosco's findings.

And I fixed detection of a couple games.

As usual, you can find the link over on the SFROM Tool page, or via the self update checker.


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