Release: EQInside Console

Saturday, September 24, 2011

EQInside Console is just a console based program to manage PFS files, or more commonly known as s3d or pak. It makes use of EQInside.dll to do this, so it has all the features of that plus a couple extra.

I wrote this app shortly after starting EQC Launchpad. I mostly needed its functions for the launchpad itself, but felt it would be nicer to release it more publicly due to the lack of any such thing that can be used with command line params and .bat scripting. Actually I could have just had avoided writing such an exe for the launchpad to use, and instead just use the EQInside.dll itself, but felt due to some of the features I was going to make, it would be better to make them less "behind the scenes" so it's easier to tell what is happening with the PFS files regarding legality. One of the features I needed, and added into EQInside Console was creating a empty archive to work with and put files in. I didn't want to change any existing PFS files at all, and wanted it to be know as much as possible that any PFS files the launchpad was changing were created by the launchpad itself.


EQInside Console


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