News: New Layout Revamp

Saturday, September 03, 2011

I got sick of my old blog layout which was inspired by the layout of one of my old sites. Even in its time, it was somewhat bland. With all the web coding I've been messing with lately, I've been really wanting to take a full crack at a new layout. One that looks sleek and professional. And built from near scratch, using no copyrighted image "shortcuts". I started with a basic bare-bones template, browsed some sites and blogs for inspiration, then started work on the graphics. A couple days later, here's what I have.

I like black and blue colors schemes obviously. I felt no desire to change that from my old one. In fact, I liked keeping it more to see myself use a black/blue+white/grey scheme more properly. I'm using the same background as the old layout, cause well, I just made that a week or 2 ago. So didn't really need to replace it. Still, I may build a new background sometime soon just because this one may not look as good as everything else now.

I'm quite happy with how the logo came out. Yes even that is 100% created by me. It's a kind of electrical circuit pathways type of thing. I'm more happy I didn't have to go with my first option, and make a cheesy matrixy mix of Japanese and Roman characters trickling down vertically, but in blue instead of green. Sure, it would still probably look nice, but ugg. The Matrix code effect is far to over done to the point of being cheesy. Even my binary code background is pushing it, though hey, I want some form of code in my images since this is primarily a dev blog for projects in whatever languages I make them in.

Anyway, now that I have a nice looking blog, I need to get back to finding some new, interesting content to put in it on a regular basis.

EDIT: For some reason I chose to get ahead of myself, and skip the round of testing in different browsers. I saw the site in IE8, and it was completely messed up regarding displaying the post column to the right or the sidebar column. Fixed now though. Also got border styles displaying as intended in mobile browsers, and hopefully IE9 (don't feel like installing it right now, as I won't be using it).


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