News: Goodbye EQClassic

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'll keep this post short, and post a more detailed post in a couple days after I have had time to think things over. For now, in short, I have left the EQClassic project. I'm mostly posting this now so people have a place to post comments about the situation if they wanted to.

For anyone who wishes to still remain in contact with me. Of course I'll still be available here. I intend to remain in the IRC channel, at least for now. And my old Z-Net project channel linked on the side. I am still playing WoW on a emu server, and would still welcome anyone who would want to to join me (you can check out the guild blog here for more info. Dark Empire). And while I'm not active on it at the moment, I have several characters on the ProjectEQ server (Uberest, Narcoleptic, Shibi are my main 3 you would find me on).

Also, be advised, I am now logged out of my account on the EQC forums, and won't be logging back in and able to check PM's there. Any sent to me there will remain unread.


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