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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The AstralWoW server is being crap, like it has a lot this past week. (The devs really suck in that they will restart the server mid day, randomly, to add minor fixes, and they just don't test fixes to well and keep breaking server stability more and more.) So, I've decided to post a short news update.

I'm still working on Profile Manager a bit each day. I haven't done much worth mentioning though. its about the same as in my last post. Just with tighter code. I do a lot of testing with it myself and find plenty of things to fix and optimize. Things worth mentioning are that I made an installer for it, got it managing its ini's better on vista/win7, and styled up the menu with color.

I don't plan on adding many more features. At least not right now. I'm keeping my mind open regarding other features and writing them down, but I've learned from Z-Net not to put to much work into new features before the current ones are thoroughly tested and fine tuned. For its next release I just want to polish up everything I have done so far, and work around issues regarding multi-boxing. It's quirks regarding multi-boxing will never be completely quashed, not without more invasive measures, but I hope to get them worked on as much as I can. At the moment I toss around a few ideas to myself, here and there. And think I know the direction I want to go now.

For its next release, I want it installing as intended, setup to be as easy as possible, profile creation to be as newb friendly as possible, and its main functions to be as smart as possible. I'm not sure how close it is to all that right now, but doubt it will take much longer.

And a heads up. I have taken down the links for the previous version of Profile Manager, for now. I've learned AutoIt scripted exe's can be decompiled into scripts resembling their true source script. Which I don't care for from my experience with mIRC scripting. I have no desire to have this, or any other project I can think of atm, be open source, or just plain stolen. Had I known there was such a community behind helping decompile AutoIt scripts, I likely would have done this project in c++, or not at all. There are ways to make it harder to decompile, but that I didn't know about with my last version. Since I don't have a copy of the script from it in that state, the links will just be gone until the next update. Not a huge deal really. My blog is only getting about 30 hits a day, and only a few people downloaded it so far. So not much interest yet.


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