News: Blog & Project Woes

Friday, October 28, 2011

Well, it's been over a week now since I released Profile Manager. The blog has got several hits since then, but there have been basically no downloads of it. I really thought more people would be interested in it then that. Disappointing. =/

Maybe I'm just impatient, but that irritates me. I just don't want to work on projects anymore that no one uses. That's the whole point of why I chose this project, as I thought it could be something more people could/would actually use.

Honestly, the blog has been up for a few months now, and it only has one follower (a RL friend that doesn't even view the blog, but just wanted to be supportive). A few hits come from my old Z-Net url redirecting here, and most lately just from my EQC goodbye post. I thought I had more online friends then that, and ones that would be supportive. Sadly, it seems I don't.

I'm at a crossroads, and I need to start thinking about some things. Like what I want from this blog, if/how I might want to advertize it, ties to online friends I thought I had, what I want to do with the Profile Manager project, future project hopes, etc. I either need to focus on moving forward, or just give up on some things. Honestly, I originally created this blog to preserve my older projects, but I continued with it due to wanting to move forward into something new. I have fun working on projects that people will use and enjoy/appreciate, and feel I still have it in me to make such projects. Just the way things are going, I'm hitting a dead end looking for that fun.

I'm not going to abandon my new project now or anything. But my interest in it is going to get a lot lower until other peoples interest in it picks up. Of course I'm still going to try thinking of other projects to take on too. I don't have many ideas right now though. Until any of that, I'm likely to slow down my posting here. I like expressing my thoughts/happenings here, but it's really pointless if I'm just talking to myself most of the time.

Hopefully I'll have decided on some things by my next update.


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