Release: Profile Manager v0.9.0.0 Beta

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have finally decided to release the next version of Profile Manager. I figure if I don't now, Ill just keep fine tuning it forever, while working on it less and less often like I have been.

I forget what features were/weren't present in the last version, so I may leave something out, but I'll try to mention as much as I can think of.

Well, there's a new installer, upon first run of the program it will create some example profiles, the popup menu now has some color/style, added a few more instructions other then just deleting a directory, changed when files are backed up to when the program launched closes instead of the next time a profile is selected, added support for different backup directories, and I renamed/rearranged a lot of the key names to be more straightforward, or just make more sense.

I've tested this version about as much as I can/plan to. But I'm sure some bugs will likely crop up for some users, and if they do ,post them in the replies here or on the Profile Manager page.

I hope to see many people download this, and enjoy using it!  =)

Here's the new download:

Profile Manager v0.9.0.0 Beta

And here's a new screenshot:


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