News: Changes, Bye bye Emberflame and Hell has frozen over!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Well, after a few days of thinking, while I'm not decided on everything yet, I have made some decisions. As a few may notice, I have changed the blog a little and it will now be less about just projects. When I have a project I'm working on, or an update to one I will still post it just the same. But now I'm preparing myself more to post things about non-project related topics. Maybe something about progress I've made in an MMO. Maybe specific game reviews. Who knows. I'll figure things out as I go.

I figure expanding as such will draw more visits from google searches. Maybe not very much, but its something. And when approaching the blog like this, it will remain more active in times where there's not much going on project wise.

Lets get things started now. I have basically completely given up on the Emberflame WoW emu server. It's horrendousness has pushed me back into playing retail. The server was pretty nice at the start, outside of just my personal crashes that happened frequently in the first week I was there. But there was a 3 week rollback last week. Insane right? I got deleveled from 74 to 47, had to farm for and raise my enchanting all over again, and even after I got back to 74 I was down gold compared to what I had before. But in the past couple weeks, due either to server growth, incompetent devs, or both, the server crashes about 10 times a day during prime hours. Sometimes staying down for up to 3 hours. To make things worse, recently a queue was added. That was one of my major reasons for choosing this server. The lack of a queue. It was added to help with the server stability, which I guess I can understand. The thing is, it didn't help in the least, so now we just have 2x the BS to deal with.

It was this combination of BS that weakened me enough to be talked back into playing retail. I don't really have any plans there. Just take it one day at a time. I'm basically alone on my server now, but thanks to recent and upcoming cross realm changes, that will matter a lot less. It seems I got removed from the last guild I was in, so now I'm left to find a new one or make one myself. I don't know what I'm going to do for a guild yet. I've been leaning toward rejoining a guild I was in before that one, if their not bitter about me leaving when I did. I can understand if they are, as I became the top geared character in the guild, and was easily one of the best, most competent raiders. I could see them feeling like I just used them to gear up and go to a top guild, and in some ways see me just leaving them high and dry, and less able to accomplish things. But when I left I felt I wouldn't be missed that much, at least in the 10m's as there was another Rogue basically nipping at my heals to get in. He wasn't much worse then me, and was RL friends with a lot of the other raiders. So I didn't see that as much of an issue. But honestly, when I left that guild my choices were either quit the game, or quit the guild and try something else to see if I could still remain interested. Doing so bought me like another month on the game. 6 weeks tops, and then I was just as bored except now with a major headache every Tuesday.

I had little to no I'll will towards the members of the guild when I left. Granted, I was frustrated with spinning our wheels on 10m LK for 2 months, with zero progress from the first week to the last. But that is what it is. I was needing to progress to stay interested in the game. My Rogue was maxed out as much as I could get him. The addition of my Mage to my roster wasn't enough, and I wanted more from my Rogue. So I just did what I had to do to attempt to keep the game fun for me.

Enough about that. My other options are find a completely new guild, or make one myself. If I'm going to look for a new guild, its going to be hard. I don't see things the same way as the average WoW player. I would really want to find a guild that's perfect for me, but I doubt I can. The server population is even smaller then last year, making that likelyhood much worse. Making my own. Well, realistically that option is likely to be harder then my guild on the emu. It may be hard to explain all the details behind my reasoning on that, but I just don't see being able to find the same type of players I was looking for on the emu server. And the whole guild level thing. Worst idea ever blizz. I seriously doubt many new guilds are ever being made and joined on retail now.

I could just go guildless, and pug raids. But at some point like in the past, the failness of pug raids will annoy me to the point were I wont want to pug raids anymore at all. And I just feel naked without a guild tag. I'll just have to give it some time, and hope it will all work out.

Sadly, I will have to let my emu guild die. Sad because it was just starting to bring in players who sought out my guilds type. I maybe could have made it into the guild I planned on. Who knows.


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