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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well, that's another week down back on WoW retail again. It really has been a bland week. I just run my 25 dailies each day, and farm old heroics and raids when I'm bored.

I did finally get the last transmog piece I needed from Karazhan after the weekly reset. Just need gruul now, at the least, and hopefully mag too. I got some dagger upgrades along with a couple other pieces. I even got enough BoE gear to sit in my bank to raise my ilvl average up enough to do ZA/ZG if I wanted now.

When I'm bored and want to kill time, I've been farming to try and complete my enchantment list. Most of what I need still is world drop outland stuff that was to expensive to ever buy in the AH before. But there are a few things I can farm for still. Mostly BC exalted rep rewards, MC boss drops, and some from Magisters Terrace. Only 1 more to go from the latter. I need some from AQ40 too, but when I tried before my dagger upgrade, killing the first boss just wasn't happening. It would probably go better now, but I doubt it would be enough still.

It is nice though that I have now completely soloed MC with my crapy mix of greens blues and a few purples. As well as everything in Karazhan except Nightbane, the Prince and the animal bosses. Well. technicly not all 3 of the opera events too. I need Romeo & Juliet for that still. lol. At of all the times Ive gone through Karazhan over the years, I've only seen R&J and Big Bad Wolf once each. It's insane how much Oz comes up. I hope to get the dagger from R&J for transmoging, but given that and its lower drop rate, I likely wont get it for a long while. If I'm bored before the next reset I may go back in and try Prince and maybe Nightbane for the hell of it. Soloing chess though its just annoying, or I would have tried already this week.

As people are probably well aware of, Skyrim was released a few days ago. I played it for about 1 hour, and sadly, I wasn't impressed. It really seems like a minor improvement over Oblivion. Just more modern graphics and that's it. The non-human models are hideous still, controls are only marginally better. UI changes are still confusing, though probably better. It's pretty dull to me, but I guess I wasn't that interested in it anyway due to it lacking the 1 thing I thought Oblivion needed most. Online co-op multi-player. In this gaming era, I just don't see how a game like this could be made without it. I waited for years for homebrew Oblivion multi-player mods to get finished, but sadly they never were done to a point to be actually useable. Maybe Skyrim will be different in that regard, or maybe they will actually release a patch to add it. Not going to hold my breath though.

I can't even enjoy the graphics very much either, since my comp is getting out of date. I don't even think I can run Oblivion with anything near max settings. But really, as a true gamer, I care about graphics a ton less then gameplay. Graphics don't get me to play something, which is why I don't/won't own a crapbox 360 or lamestation 3. I'm still interested in WiiU having more modern graphics, and will definitely enjoy it if I get one, but if I do get one it will mostly be because I know the gameplay quality of the 1st party games will be there as always. I just hope more 3rd parties sign on this time around. They talked like they were. But they did that with Wii too, and look at the crap 3rd party support for that.

Changing topics a bit, I have a few un-posted posts typed out now. They are mostly rants on different topics. I'll likely comb over them each a bit more and refine them before I post them. Additionally I would like to hopefully try and post less multi-topic posts by posting more often. This one itself went off into its own rant about a different topic. So hopefully I'll start posting at least 2 posts a week here instead of tryig to maintain 1 as a minimum.


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