News: Bugs Are Icky!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs. I must have fixed 8 or 9 today! Insane...

Of note, things I've done today are, having newly added game lines placed on the bottom of the list instead of the top, added the preselect a game ability I mentioned before, more properly designed the installer and program to be ready to work on systems that have UAC like vista/win7, and added a feature to the installer itself. The feature is completely optional during the install process, but lets the user import the settings from zbattle by locating the ini for it. I figured this feature would help former zbattle users get setup easier. Its not a huge feature, but I still hope/expect it will be appreciated none the less. =)

My list of bugs to fix keeps shrinking, if there's even anything left on it atm. But it keeps growing every day too. So still no idea when this project will be ready. I don't think all the bugs fixes I've done the past few days have been thoroughly tested yet either. The testers pool still has me as the major contributor sadly. Obviously when I fix something I'll see it as working, else I'd keep trying to fix it. So the small tester pool doesn't keep up with my needs on that part. Still, recently Sferics became available to do some testing, and a applicant was finally added. So just a couple more and maybe I can take some of my load off!


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