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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I've been surprised to find that there's not as many bugs as I remembered finding. I could only come up with a couple, that mostly just require further testing with actual beta testers. So hopefully the beta test phase won't be all that long. But I do still need some testers to help with it. Check this page out on the forum if you want to help.

Beta Tester Application Thread

Tonight I've left the client running for a couple hours as a test. And its held up well under this low level test at least. I'll even leave it running for a while longer. If you drop by the #Z-Net chat room, you will probably see it running under the name "DarkGouki". I fixed a couple things tonight with it as well. But not much. There's just to little left to do without real testing being done on it.

Sferics decided to post a welcome message on the forum to try and get some community stirring on both the forums and in the chat room. So check that out and say hello and chat awhile.

Welcome Thread

I forgot to mention it, but I switched hosts for the forums. I just got to sick of byethost and how much worse it has gotten. This new one seems better, at least for now. I just hope it will remain like that. At least now I'm more confident that it could actually sustain a community posting on it! It's probably premature to think of such things, when the program isn't even released yet. But a forum for such a program is almost a requirement, if only at least for support. But there are always people like me who just like to socialize on them as well. So while it's still before the program is released, you might as well get signed up now and say hi.

In fact, I may just relax my blog posting for a few days and try to make things more active there. Be on the lookout there for any progress updates, feedback from testers, or whatever.

The Forums


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