News: Testing is Still Moving Forward!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yep. I'm still knocking off bugs as they're found. Today I got several bugs, and yesterday I got a few fixed as well. ChikaChon seems to be hitting his groove as far as doing a great job at finding the more odd bugs, and its really helping. He's found several crash inducing bugs the past couple days for me to fix. Those are the most important.

The only bugs worth mentioning though were a game room list updating bug that updated the wrong lines in the list window, and a all the work that went in tonight with testing the download feature with ChikaChon and Sferics, and the resulting fixes. List management bugs are very important to find and get fixed, as that's the epicenter of the program and one wrong thing can royally screw things up for everyone connected. And yes, I'm happy to say the download feature has been tested. It worked when I first developed it back in 2010, but required numerous fixes to get working correctly now. It still may have it's issues, but at least tonight I saw it correctly send a file from me to Sferics. From what I remember, and what everyone else seems to say, the download feature in zbattle had issues. So I hope I can get this one to surpass it. At the very least it does now, in that this supports resuming a download, something of which I remember zbattle not doing.

I still have a few things on my plate to fix though. The general memory seems to be that zbattle allowed a host to choose a game prior to a client joining, and it would automatically initiate a scan for a match on the clients computer when he joined. This pre-selection option is something I never knew about if it existed, so it would be something I still need to add. Further confirmation from other former zbattle users on this feature would be helpful in the comments.


I have recently realized I have incorrectly posted the time frame I required of beta testers, having got the am and pm mixed up. 6PM-12AM PST was what I meant to post. To put it another way, evenings. If you considered applying, saw this typo and thus abandoned the idea from there, please consider it again.

Beta Tester Application Thread


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