News: How The New Z-Net is Going

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I haven't posted for a few days for the exact reason I mentioned in the last news post. To try and get some attention over on the forums. There have been a couple sign-ups and even one beta app, but as I suspected, right now just probably isn't the time for community building. Or at least the time to expect it to happen. Knowing that, still some more beta testers would be nice to help make sure this project is moving forward at a good pace.

While not moving forward as fast as I or potential users could hope for, it at least has still been moving forward. As I posted about here, I have fixed a few bugs thanks to the help of ChikaChon. Today I fixed a couple more. One involving a crash when a CRC scan is preformed on a empty directory, something I knew about but have been forgetting about. And one with the program not properly handling being disconnected by outside means, like though ISP outage, or a cable being pulled. And I just fixed a 3rd issue by changing the protocol some.

As of now, I only have 1 known issue still to fix, and maybe a 2nd if it wasn't fixed by some of my changes a couple days ago. The first isn't so much of a bug, as it is a hole. Things not expected by the program, that could/should be. The other is just an issue that was cropping up randomly, and had some similarity's to another issue I fixed before I could dig deeper into its cause.

Hopefully I'll get started on the 1 known remaining issue tomorrow. Then personally get back more onto testing it myself. If all goes well from there, the final step will be removing some beta only things, making some final decisions like on the name, using a new channel or not, minor change in the process I've been neglecting to consider, etc.


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