Release: Super Mario Kart - Z-Net Special 3 (v2)

Saturday, April 07, 2012

I recently discovered EpicEdit. It's a track editor for SMK that's much newer the the editor TrackDes that I used years earlier for my SMK hacks. TrackDes had various limitations that caused me to have to make compromises with my design plan for my 3rd SMK battle mode hack. Those limitations don't exist with EpicEdit, so recently I decided to download EpicEdit and poke around this old hack of mine. To my surprise it worked quite well to the point were it didn't take that long to fix the hack to be more inline with my original design plans.

So here it is, the new version of my 3rd SMK hack. All 4 battle mode courses have had some updates, but #1 and #3 have had the most. I could go on and try and describe what I've done, but that would be boring. it's in the readme though. Just download it and have some fun!

I'll add it to the Z-Net Special page soon, replacing the other link. I'm undecided if I'm going to make new screenshots and pics for it at any point.

I don't have any plans to revisit the other 2 hacks, as I'm fairly certain the 1st had no such issues, and while the 2nd might have had some odd tile placement here and there, if it did, due to the nature of the hack, it does little to effect the design goal.

I have no plans to work on a 4th hack right now, but someday, who knows. I had some ideas that due either to the limits of TrackDes, or my own hex editing limits, I never got to use.

Z-Net Special 3 (v2)



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