News: Z-Net 3.0 - Adjusting the Voting Goal

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

After thinking about it for a few days, 150 votes is a bit much to expect. While zbattle likely had that many users or more, it didn't have enough to were I should expect 150 of them to find their way to my little blog. I should shoot for some more realistic number of votes, as all that would really matter is how many people are using the program at any given time once I did release it. Additionally, based on the amount of interest, I simply may release it "as-is" with as much polish as I care to invest time into it, then move on with no plans to maintain it outside of critical issues. The new minimum goal for that plan is now 50. If the poll gets more votes, depending on how many, I'll evaluate if I'll want to invest time into maintaining it.

Also, I temporarily removed the link from the side menu to the 2010 client page, to help avoid confusion. I included a link to it in the contents of the new client page as a reference though. I've also moved the 2.0 link down on the side menu to the past projects menu to help avoid confusion as well. I can always move it back later.

I've fixed some broken links to files hosted on megaupload too. To my shock, I also noticed that I typed up, but never posted my Super Mario Kart hacks or AR Extractor program. The SMK post is now up, and posted at the original date when I created it. So its not on the main page. However, there is now a link to it on the left under "Past Projects". The AR Extractor I'll leave as is for now, and likely place it on a "Misc" page at a later date.


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