News: Even More Z-Band Server Page Work

Monday, April 16, 2012

I had a wow raid today. And despite wanting to try out some Legend or Grimrock too, I didn't get around to it. When not raiding I only managed to get a little done for my projects. Most of my time was spent setting up a local php environment for developing. Making a change to my code, then uploading it to byethost and running it adds a ton of extra time to everything. And byethost just plain sucks a ton more then it used to. I'm noticing I cant even seem to click through 3 pages on the forum moderately quickly without this stupid high traffic error showing up. That wasn't a problem ever before. If I ever get Z-Band released, I certainly wont be able to use that POS service. Now more then ever I'm thinking I'm going to have to take donations to get a real server up and running if the project ever gets to that point.

Anyway, for now my php dev time has sped up a lot thanks to EasyPHP. I never wanted to try a local environment before because it was all to clunky. But not this. The install and setup for this is a lot easier and cleaner.

After that, I got to work on properly linking the phpBB3 accounts system. I got everything done for the login stuff now, though just with the registration. But the score update stuff should mostly be copy-and-paste from that. After that, I'm not really sure what I'll work on next. Perhaps making sure all forum accounts can gain rankings with Z-Band. The Z-Band score database is separate from the phpBB3 database, so a user isn't listed in the Z-Band database until I add their name. To keep the database clean, rather then just add new forum members to it with a 0 score for everything, I should probably tie it to the registration, and have the first time a users tries registering a match, generate it there as needed.

Perhaps tomorrow I can get some D3 or Legend of Grimrock in. =/

EDIT: Realized a forum registration issues that caused users to be unable to register. So if there were users wanting to do so, it's fixed now.


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