News: Forums?

Friday, April 13, 2012

I planned to do some tinkering around with ZN or ZB today, but didn't get around to it. However I did mess around with some forums I set up in August. At the time I created them just for examples when teaching myself some php. And possibly to attempt to merge Z-Band account info with. I may still do that. But till now, I haven't really done anything with them.

I've felt there was no point of making them public, as I wouldn't expect anyone to care enough to use them. In the past when my Z-Net projects were active, having forums for them made sense. Right now, I have no such project really. Perhaps in the future is all.

Still, recently I figured, meh, whatever! There's not many good reasons, but enough to just post a link to them and let people use them if they would want to.

I've basically set them up around Z-Net and Z-Band. Anything relating to the past present, and future of those projects. It's just 3 simple forums right now, though I don't really expect a need for more.

Here's the link. I'll put it in the side menu later.



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